View Full Version : New Tascam DP-008 Digital Pocket Studio

07-01-2011, 08:16 AM
Recently got a Tascam 8 track portable studio. What a hoot! This is more fun than someone should be allowed to have. As a learning exercise did "Grow Old With Me" on my Pono MPT-E with Southcoast
G-650 strings. A few extraneous artifacts at the end, but otherwise not bad for right out of the box. Great tool for a couple of hundred dollars. By the way this was one of the last songs John Lennon wrote.


07-01-2011, 09:21 AM
Sweet! Nice performance. Can you say more about the Tascam you bought? Were you replacing some other recording thingie? How did you pick this over other devices that do similar things? Thanks!

07-01-2011, 09:45 AM
I've done other recording on a PC using Music Creator 5 software with a USB interface. While that did a nice job, it wasn't real convenient with interfaces, delays between the interfaces, etc. Music Creator is a Cakewalk product and is very powerful with great editing, but almost too complex for someone recording 2 tracks at a time. The Tascam while it doesn't have the sophistication, it does a great job and does it simply. Tascam makes a 4 track version also, that's a bit less money, but it doesn't have onboard EQ and doesn't have XLR inputs for mics. The Tascam allows you to export tracks for external editing if you want and I tried that today. Exported the tracks to the Music Creator 5 software on my PC and spent some time with all the editing capabilities, but quite honestly I didn't think it sounded as good as I got with the simplified Tascam. Sometimes less is more. It's fairly small, can be battery powered and has 2 built in mics which are pretty good. Used a Shure SM 58 for the main vocal and did the acoustic bass track with the built in mic. Have a pick-up in the Pono and recorded the pick-up track and a built-in mic track simultaneously. When you blend the two, I think you get a very nice sound. Also had 2 harmony tracks using a Digitec vocal harmonizer (takes an input from the uke and automatically creates vocal harmony using your own voice). I am in no way connected to any of these products. Just have great fun doing it.