View Full Version : Has your uke obsession caused dust to collect on your other instruments?

07-02-2011, 06:25 AM
Did you ever want to donate some of that equipment to a charity? or maybe some money to allow poor children to learn music ?

At the crossroads where the Blues originated in the Mississippi Delta sits a small town that hosts the grave of Sonny Boy Williams. Harmonica players meet close to there for "jam camps" every year. This year I attended one of the jam camps just prior to the UWC.

Both were a blast.

Long story short, there is a lady who does great stuff offering medical services to the poor community. She also supports a health/recreation center for the disadvantaged kids in the area. harmonica players have contributed various instruments and cash for the instruction of music at that town.

I've decided to donate at least one uke. Maybe 2. I'll likely send some cash too.

If anybody is interested, I have the address to send any musical instruments. And here is the link below.

SonnyBoyclub (http://bluesharmonicajamcamp.com/sonnyboy.html)