View Full Version : Fret rounding

07-08-2011, 06:03 PM
Wow I bought the Stewart-Macdonald fret dressing file #1175 after watching some of the video's on there site and you tube. Didn't look too hard. The frets were nicely chamfered on the OU6 but they were flat chamfers and had sharp edges. Sometimes they darn near cut me. and I sometimes wore a blister at the joint on my index finger when doing a lot of bar chords. Well it arrived today and I decided to try it ,no tape. Just stuck my thumb under the string I was working on near the area I wanted to round and used the stroke that the Stewart video use but very short ones. The result was amazeing. I can run my finger nail down the side of the fret board now and it smooth as can be.I rounded the top of the chamfer also so all you feel are smooth bumps going down the top. Was so easy. My other ukes aren't bad at all but bet you booty I'm checking every fret way worth the money and the hour it took ( I was very careful LOL). Now I guess I will have to do the nut and bridge on my next Uke they have been done on the ones I have by a pro. YA can't beat round frets.