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07-11-2011, 04:00 PM
Played the new sailor soprano friday night at a jam and then again tonight (monday). I have to say that tonight it really got a work out and held its own! Wow! Played a couple of tunes alone, "for the good times" and "bobby McGee". I think I strummed it so much playing along with everyone else that the strings are finally starting to hold tune! It really is coming into its own. I have put Koo'lau golds on it but am ordering worth clears and browns to run them through it too. When I figure out how to do a video I will post one.

07-11-2011, 04:19 PM
Congrats! Look forward to that video

mm stan
07-11-2011, 04:29 PM
Aloha Rem50,
What You skipped the Koolau alohi's ......thicker and warmer....thanks for sharing...Happy strummings..MM Stan

Uke Republic
07-11-2011, 05:31 PM
Alohis may be worth a go too. Glad to know it's coming into it's own. Messing with strings is always interesting. I just put some Worth clears on a cherry concert for a customer and it really sounded good. Put some Freemont med Blacklines on my Sailor soprano and it gave it a complimentary tone for sure. Strings help show the varied personality of an instrument.

07-11-2011, 05:36 PM
Jams are definitely the best way to break in instruments. Glad to hear your Sailor's sounding sweet!!

07-12-2011, 02:08 AM
Stan and Mike: I am starting to realize there are more strings than I have money! Ha! Maybe someday I will get around to those too! :) BTW Stan I had never even heard of that string till you said something :)