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07-27-2011, 07:58 AM
Hey all, I was just looking for a little advice here. On one of my first threads, I mentioned that I purchased a lot of 9 ukuleles for $50. Two are complete junk, and I am slowly fixing up the rest. My sister claimed one of them based on looks, and my brother claimed another, based on sound (he's the smarter one :)). Anyhow, one of the other ones I finished were a Johnson UK-100 soprano uke. Very basic cheapie from China, but it plays well. Made of whitewood with a semi-translucent orange finish. Friction tuning machines. Frets are a little larger than I would like (similar in size to the Grizzly uke kit frets), but it plays fine.

The only issue this had was the only thing holding the bridge on was the little screw barely holding onto the body. I scraped the finish from under the bridge, re-glued the bridge, glued a small maple "cleat" under where the screw goes to hold it in a lot better (I did this as whitewood has the tendancy to not stick to anything very good. This repair worked on other instruments using the same wood though).


Anyhow, I am looking to sell it via CraigsList to a beginner since I don't have anyone around me to give it to (most of the other ukes have been promised to others who have a hard time playing other instruments), probably a kid who would benefit from having a starter instrument or something. Anyhow, would I be ripping someone off if I asked $20 for it?


07-27-2011, 09:34 AM
I work at a small family owned music store and our dustributor's catalog currently lists it at $45.55 retail. The biggest issue I've found with these is poor intonation, so if it plays well, $20 is fair.

07-27-2011, 10:26 AM
$20 sounds fair, a Malaka Dolphin is what? $30? $35? So yeah, if it's craigslist, be sure to tell them they are welcome to come and hear the sound or supply a sound sample of some kind so they can hear how well it sounds.

Good Luck and I think it's great that you're putting these Ukes back out there repaired! :D

Joey :music: