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07-27-2011, 10:43 PM
I bought a Mya Moe Mango Tenor from UU member France. It arrived today much earlier than expected and no customs fees. I recommend detuning all ukes that ship and must pass through customs because it sounded bad detuned and I'm sure the customs people thought it was worthless. haha. Mango is not the prettiest wood. The sides look better than the front. But its for this reason and the crack which makes it already roughed up and not pretty enough to sit in the case and gather dust that I feel this uke will be a player. I already enjoy it. Wonderful intonation and if you hit it the strums right, it bites and rings. I have plans for this. I was dissapointed I did not bring any of my tenor strings I had at home. Oh well, time to order some special strings.

I had previously posted that I couldn't play music in this country. That is old data. I specifically had a man ask the management if I could play music. They said yes.

I didn't think I could go offshore to the platforms with a ukulele so I brought some harmonicas. One person asked why I didn't bring my uke. I told him that would give the wrong impression. So, while I'm practicing my harmonica riffs, the general mood was people liked it and wanted to talk music. I was surprised. I was making more friends with my music rather than my job. wild. One of the guys told me there used to be 3-4 guys who would bring guitars to the platform and sing after work. He said it made the place much more different and more alive. I was asked to bring my uke(s) next time. cool.

Now back to my Mya Moe. No, I can't believe I have a Mya Moe.

mm stan
07-28-2011, 05:09 AM
Aloha Frankie,
Congratulations, Holy Moly..I want one too...hey I'm sooo jealous..you're buying up all the ukes in the marketplace...shoots...I heard from good sources..hee hee ..enjoy your new...um UKES!!
Have fun and Happy Strummings...Are you not living in thailand anymore?? so where you living now?? MM Stan