View Full Version : Origami Ukulele?

07-31-2011, 05:24 AM
I don't know if this is the proper forum section for this, but here goes anyway. I dabble in origami and am looking for a diagram to fold a ukulele. Either with a regular square or a dollar bill, I'm not choosy, tho I don't want a guitar diagram, it's just not the same. Feel free to pm me. Thanks!

07-31-2011, 06:02 AM
In case you haven't seen it: http://www.etsy.com/listing/61576271/dollar-origami-ukulele?ref=sr_gallery_17&ga_search_query=ukulele&ga_page=9&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade I don't know the how.

07-31-2011, 11:35 AM
The model bbqribs linked to is diagrammed in this book: