View Full Version : So I'm gonna learn the electric guitar..

08-01-2011, 03:41 AM
got any useful tips? or any good electric guitars that i could buy?

thanks! (:

08-01-2011, 10:38 AM
tune the botton 4 chords gcea and ignore the top 2?

08-01-2011, 11:14 AM
I've played acoustic guitar for years, but only started fooling around with electrics earlier this year, so I'm not much help. It takes a lot of getting used to after playing an acoustic instrument - I have a really hard time not making extra noise that gets amplified, the kind of knocks, squeaks, and 'self noise' that just get lost when you're playing acoustic. It's a lot of fun, though, you should give it a try. The Fender Squire guitars are pretty decent starter instruments - I picked up one of the Stratocaster minis for my daughter and it's a fun little guitar. I've played the full size Squire Stratocaster and Telecaster as well, and they are both very playable, good-sounding instruments for the price.

Do you already play any guitar or are you just starting? If you're new to the guitar, check out this site:
Great lessons from the most basic to pretty advanced stuff. Lots of good song tutorials as well. Also a pretty good section on gear choices and what the different options are. Can't recommend this site enough for folks starting out on guitar....

Good luck.....

08-01-2011, 12:38 PM
Guitar is my first instrument, and a whole lot of fun. There are literally thousands of models of electric guitar, so a "which one is best?" discussion could take years. The good news is that there are playable electrics at virtually every price point. Decide what you're willing to invest in this new venture, and you're bound to find something that meets your needs.

08-01-2011, 01:36 PM
Also check out Three chord guitar. A lot of good video lessons.

08-18-2011, 02:59 PM
I have many electric guitars that have all seen stage work at one time or another in their lives, I won't bore with the usual vanity list. You will find electric to be an easier instrument to play that acoustic. That's a plus, but it can be a minus if you've never played an acoustic which demands a bit more stamina and a different learning curve. My personal suggestion, and it may be or may not be validated by the other guitar players here is that if you can score an acoustic along the way, it's a great form of strength and accuracy building that you won't find with an electric, also, there is no lying on an acoustic, every note, passage and unfortunatetly, clam will be heard as it comes out with no modification of amps and pedals. It is pointless to tell you get this one or that one, your hands have to tell the story of how well you like it. The stores are full of them.

08-27-2011, 01:43 PM
Hi there.

I hear this question all the time. My suggestion is to go to your local guitar store and play a few different brands. For a newbie I strongly urge you to avoid the Floyd Rose tremelo. They tend to be a bit too much for a new guitarist to restring and spending $35 (or more) a shot just to have it restrung is enough to put you off guitar.

A friend of mine always says "Get a Tele" it's more of a joke than anything but telecasters are very cool sounding guitars...

I would caution you to look for "substance" rather than beauty when it comes to guitars. And please avoid the ones endorsed by some famous guitarist. (They tend to be overpriced for the quality)

Keep in mind that you'll need accessories. Cords, pedals, amp..... before you know it you'll have $5,000 in gear.... and will still be wanting more the next uber awesome pedal, or gadget. Good luck in your search.