View Full Version : favorite strings?

08-03-2011, 08:30 PM
I changed out the strings on my soprano uke and i'm really digging the new sound

Just curious what everyone's favorite string brand/type are

08-03-2011, 09:38 PM
aquilas on makalas.
never heard worths in person but they seem to give a more "rounded" sound which is what i prefer.

08-03-2011, 09:44 PM
I changed out the strings on my soprano uke and i'm really digging the new sound

Just curious what everyone's favorite string brand/type are

So what strings had you been using and what did you replace them with? What is it about the new strings you like that you weren't getting with the old strings?

My Kamaka tenor has the factory strings, but I may eventually replace them with Worth Clear Low G HDs, as WickedWahini has recommended. My other ukuleles -- a few Kalas and a Big Island Honu Traditional tenor -- all have Aquilas.

08-03-2011, 09:45 PM
I've always been an Aquila Nylgut fan. I just installed a set of the "new" Nylguts and dig them even more. I've tried Worth Clears and Browns, Ko'olau Golds and Martins and keep going back to the Aquilas.

08-03-2011, 10:19 PM
Coming from guitar, I've been amazed at the difference in tone one gets from changing strings on a ukulele. I've also found in my limited experience that it's difficult to recommend things, since the strings not only sound markedly different from instrument to instrument, but everyone has their own idea of what sounds 'good'. The best approach, I think, is using the tonal characteristics of the strings to best complement the tone of the instrument.

For me, I've tried a couple things on my Mainland mahogany concert (worth clears, martin m600s, aquila nylguts) but I've gone back to the nylguts. Their plinky tone seems to balance out the natural warmth of the instrument so it still sounds like a uke. Flourocarbon made it sound a bit too guitarish imho.

For my Ohana mahogany soprano, the aquilas sounded really harsh. Some Worth CMs turned that around in a hurry and gave it just enough warmth. I also tried some Worth CLs (lighter gauge) but have been kind of unimpressed so far. I just ordered a set of Southcoast strings, so I'm eager to hear what those soundl ike.

So to answer your question: it depends :)

08-03-2011, 10:43 PM
Fremont Blackline Mediums... I can't stand nylon strings, I'd take fluorocarbon any day of the week. The humidity level in Taiwan often hovers around 90% and causes nylon strings to constantly go out of tune. I had a set of Aquilas on one of my old mahogany sopranos and had an issue with both intonation and tuning, but after swithing them out I found that my problem wasn't really with the friction pegs but the strings... the intonation was also fixed with the string change. Given a stable climate and a cheap soprano however, I would consider Aquilas to be a good choice since they improve the volume and tone. Whenever I buy a new ukulele that's strung up with Aquilas, I have to buy new fluorocarbon strings with it to change them immediately... it's a bit of a hassle.