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08-04-2011, 04:57 AM
Kudo's for all you ‘ukulele teachers out there!
(have there been any recent postings on teaching like this?)
Over the years, I’ve run the range of offering uke lessons – private, classes (kikaman.com/eugene), workshops & most recently publishing(pekelosbooks.com) but we all know that there are many other great uke teachers out there.

Way back – before the availability of youtube (or UU!), my first uke classes consisted of teaching basic chords & simple strumming.
I’m glad to say that a large handful of my students have moved on to offer their own uke lessons & I’m also fortunate to know many of the teachers in the NW area.
Every-so-often, within the monthly jams, SUPA will have one of the local uke teachers do a small workshop before the jam time.

Good teaching combines a passion for the subject matter along with an amount of teaching ability - a lot of which is format and presentation. A good teacher is worth his/her $salt!
One of my Hawaiian (PhD)teacher/mentors always signs off with -
‘A’ohe pau ‘ike i ka halau ho’okahi - Not all knowledge comes from a single school

Over my course of learning music, I’ve had many classes, workshops, private lessons, formal school classes & worked through many music books. My younger music years consisted of mostly classical guitar training & now I feel fortunate to condense and apply much of what I’ve learned to my uke books.

For those out there who might consider giving teaching a try, by all means – go for it! It’s great to see students progress in their playing ability & it also makes a good personal learning experience:D
Along with the logistics and business side of things, the first step is to design your curriculum from what you know & much of the rest is your own format and presentation.
I used a small amp & passed out 8.5 x 11 sheet handouts in my first classes.
Youtube versions make learning more convenient but small classes help to facilitate easier Q&A discussions. Thankfully, there’s also a lot of informal teaching that goes on.

Kudo’s to the many uke teachers out there – you make playing the uke all the more fun!

My first classes were at kikaman.com/classes – these were cheap
I also posted up lessons a while back – seattleukulele.org/lessons – these were free!

kamaka, martin & mele tenors