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08-22-2011, 03:25 AM

I just received a call from the location where the event was to be held, and they have canceled on me. Likely the result of university politics, this puts me in an bad position... So the previously mentioned site will NOT be where the event will be held. I will do my best to find another suitable location, but on short notice there is a small chance I may not be able. That being said anyone who has made transportation and hotel arrangements ahead of time, i deeply apologize for the change in Schedule, but i feel compelled to disclose as early as possible that things have changed slightly. I apologize deeply for any inconvenience, but again i am 100% committed to holding the event again this year, i know of a suitable location, in even more lovely surroundings (not too far from where the other site was...maybe 20 minutes farther from carbondale... This site would also provide a partially walled pavilion for poor weather conditions, and i think might suit are needs, i will do my best to contact them today. Prices may vary slightly, but not significantly *likely less expensive honesty* Again sorry, if you have any concerns please contact me VIA UU or facebook, and you can berate me as you find fit, I'll try my best to get the best outcome out of all of this...when life throws you lemons, find another campsite (old lakota saying)

08-22-2011, 03:42 AM
Is that semi-local fest happening again the same weekend?, maybe we could just camp there if there is no other option.

08-22-2011, 03:52 AM
that fest isn't so much a camping sorta thing, more like a little....fair if you will...I've just gotten off the phone with trail of tears state forest, my boss had suggested it before as a possibility. It has a three walled structure with a fireplace safe from the rain, as well as lots of camping area available, as much as the other site did. It is their youth site, i'm just working that out as we speak here, but it seems like a go, Prices for that site are actually only 4 dollars a day per person....soooooo could just about cut costs in half, there will be some parking challenged, but not major ones, and honestly the park is in a much more beautiful location that the cabin was. And don't worry i raised on hell of a stink with the folks who bailed on me from the university, letting them know precisely how unpleasant what they did was. I think this may not only work out, but in many ways be an improvement. There is no alchohol restrictions of any sort, we'll still be isolated from other groups, and tucked in a lovely historical area the site of the darkest day of the native american trail of tears (maybe thats not so lovey after all.) http://dnr.state.il.us/lands/landmgt/parks/r5/trltears.htm#Natural I'll keep you updated, WORST case scenario i WORK at a campground (where some people showered) and there is a group site, no shelter (though we do own a giant TeePee) but that is worst case....I think all will work out, and again, i'm still 100% planning on making it all work, its just a matter of getting what i want from the location for the right price. I didn't mean to scare anyone away, but i wouldn't want to wait until the last minute to announce huge changes, figured earlier is best! thanks for the brainstorm mike

08-22-2011, 04:57 AM
ALLLLLLLLLLRIGHT got the site reserved at Trail of tears, going to scope it out now....price is infact 4 dollars per person per day, and i think all is well...sorry about the scare but the issue seems to be resolved. This site is furthure away from carbondale Il than the original site by about 20 minutes, but it is actually a prettier area near the Mississippi river, very steep looming valleys...I'm going to take my camera and make a video about what the site looks like....there is less sheltered sleeping room than i had hoped but plenty of tent spots...there is however, a picnic pavillion just down the trail a few hundred feet, if we had to deal with rainy days...we're be dry as can be....and booze is totally legit here....Sorry for anyone whom this truly affects but i think this move might be a step up. If people were planning on making arrangements for hotel rooms, now the nearest town is Anna Illinois (about 18 miles south of carbondale) which has a few large chain hotels....that would have you sleeping about 10 minutes from the site. Other than that, i'll fully update the main post this afternoon, and have a video of the new area....

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08-22-2011, 08:23 AM
COULD be some bad ju-ju who knows! they have found a great many bodies....SOOOOOOOOOOOO i just went down to the site and its flipping amazing i'll upload a video i shot here in a bit. It has a small stage thing, a wonderful campfire area with benches, a SMALL shelter. The parking situation is adequate. Water on site. Vault toilets (not ideal really, but toilets never the less). Near by there is a VERY impressive picnic shelter, with walls on a large portion of it. Its only about a minutes walk from the site, (as are the bathrooms) as would be a lovely emergency rain out hang out. The site itself as you will soon see...is beautiful....I'm going to repost all of this in the main UITW post, and we'll stop using this one to avoid confusion. I'm nearly giddy now with how much i like the site itself, really pretty location with lots of room. lemme get that video up