View Full Version : Ohana CK10 vs. Kamoa E-C

08-23-2011, 12:46 PM
I know Kamoa has recently been getting a lot of press including a decent review from Aldrine. What is your guys opinion between the Ohana CK10 (http://www.ohana-music.com/conc/ck10s/master.html) and the Kamoa E-C (http://kamoaukulelecompany.com/product/e-series-concert/)? As far as I can tell, they seem like very similar ukes with laminate mahogany. The only glaring difference is the approx $50 more for the Kamoa.

This actually isnít for me but for a friend who is looking for his first uke. Heís played guitar for some time and is pretty well versed in music.