View Full Version : New uke day!

08-31-2011, 02:26 AM
Well its not new it's used but it's new for me! It275902759127592 looks and sounds great although the action is a bit high for me but I have a misi acoustic trio coming at the end of the month from a great friend who is buying it from Mike at mainland whilst he is on holiday in the states and bringing it back for me! I'll lower the action then when I fit it. The kala Acacia will be in normal tuning and the mainland will remain in baritone tuning!

08-31-2011, 02:59 AM
Looks great! congrats!

08-31-2011, 03:21 AM
Looks great! congrats!

thanks the grain is great with the blonde

08-31-2011, 03:25 AM
Congrats! nice looking ukes.

08-31-2011, 04:33 AM
Congrats! nice looking ukes.
Thanks a lot Phil!

08-31-2011, 04:40 AM
Sweet look'n uke! I got the concert recently. Would have loved to get the tenor just for the headstock! Beautiful grain/coloration.

08-31-2011, 04:46 AM
Very sweet Rae

08-31-2011, 04:56 AM
Yes, please! I'd love one, thanks!

Oh, you weren't offering to give me that beautiful thing. Shame.


Coconut Willie
08-31-2011, 04:59 AM
Sweet looking ukes especially the Kala...love that blonde streak!!!

08-31-2011, 05:04 AM
Thanks all its really nice to play althoughI think I am going to sand down the saddle as the action its too high

08-31-2011, 05:29 AM
I just got some sand paper and sanded down the Ebony saddle a good few millimeters and it so much better as well as easier to play

08-31-2011, 06:20 AM
That's a pretty ukulele---love the blonde streak---glad it's feeling better after an action adjustment. Congratulations!