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08-31-2008, 11:23 AM
Hi Everybody! :D
As you guys know, I was (and still am! LOL!) a GUITAR collector/player long before I got hooked on the ukulele, and thanks to the very warm "Aloha Welcome" I got from the terrific friends here on this site, my interest in the uke was nurtured and I found not only a new instrument, but because of this site, many new friends that I am honored to know, and am now a part of a community that I am proud to belong to!

As hard as it is to make successful, I recently decided to create a website devoted to guitar collectors like myself who also happen to be huge Beatle fans, thinking that while there are MANY Beatle "fan sites", I found few that really dedicate a large portion of their board to Beatle gear, and NONE that dedicate ANY portion to ukulele players, even though George Harrison considered the ukulele one of his favorite, if not his absolute favorite, stringed instruments!

So, www.beatleguitar.com, has been created with a new twist on the typical Beatle site, in the hope that it will be anything BUT typical!

We offer, certainly, the usual section dedicated to discussing The Fab Four and how they changed our lives, and of course "The Marketplace", a section for Buying, Selling, and Trading not only Beatle related gear but also ANYTHING a member might like to divest!

Where we differ is that we have sections dedicated to Beatle Guitars! A "Gallery" to show off members Beatle-related gear, and another to show off the latest "score" of ANY gear, Beatle related or not!

You guys will LOVE this:

We have a section JUST FOR YOU!
The Ukulele section is just the place to visit to share your uke stories and pictures, and we have a spot where members can post pics and vids and anything else you'd like to share! I challenge you to find such a section for Uke players on ANY other Beatle site!!

We have a member section for Young Musicians' just for budding musician's 14 years old and younger, moderated by my own 10 year old son who plays guitar and piano, and I will ensure that the young player in YOUR family has a safe haven on my site where EVERY POST will be reviewed to ensure it has content appropriate for the younger kids.
Go find another Beatle site that offers THAT! :)

PLEASE....help me make my new board a success!
It will in NO WAY "compete" with THIS wonderful site...I am just hoping my friends here will join and participate, and help me get it going by passing the word around.

For those of you who have already visited, in case you didn't get the email I sent directly to new members, here it is:

(I'll sign off after the email below, but again, thanks for your patience reading all this, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you great guys for any support you can give!! Mahalo!!)

Just a quick email regarding www.beatleguitar.com

As you know, we're a new Beatle related site is a sea of many fan based Beatle web sites, and our hope is we can be successful because we are a little bit different, a little bit unique in a vast world of so many sites that are "cookie-cutter" in their offerings.

That statement regarding other fan sizes is absolutely NOT meant to be applied globally to every competitor we have!
I'm not that arrogant or that stupid!
There are many, MANY Beatle sites that not only do a good job and are both interesting and fun, they do a FANTASTIC job, and are active and continually offer GREAT "stuff"!

WE want to be one of THOSE sites, and the only way we can get there is by not emulating them, but by trying to be a little bit unique in our own right, and by offering a few sections on our board that those other sites, both the mediocre one and more importantly, even the great ones, don't have, and then "get the word out" about what we have to offer that would motivate new users to join and existing members to choose www.beatleguitar.com when they have a few precious moments in their very busy lives to chat a little about what we all know and love, The Beatles and hopefully in our case, the unique offerings available only on BeatleGuitar!

As you know, we have teamed up with Le Beatles Forum, a well established and terrific Beatles fan site, and beatlegirl, the host of that site, will be moderating on BeatleGuitar, and our hope is that her many members will visit us from time to time and participate in our new board.

But BeatleGuitar is up and running not to become just another fan site! There are already PLENTY of those if that's what you're looking for!

Our primary goal is to is to be a destination point for musicians/players, and collectors of guitars and other instruments who because of their love for The Beatles have acquired the iconic guitars and other gear that we instantly associate with The Fab Four..you know the ones.the Rickenbackers, Gretsch models, the Gibsons, the Vox amps, and others that will surely come to mind!

There are vintage models and reissues of all those instruments out there in the hands of guys and ladies who are proud to own the guitars that in many cases they have dreamed of for years before finally adding to their own collections, and there are even more folks who haven't yet been blessed to acquire the "Beatle Guitar" of their dreams, and would truly enjoy visiting a site where they can discuss and view all the guitars we have loved since The Beatles hit our shores over 40 years ago!

PLEASE.help us make www.beatleguitar.com a success!

Visit as often as your busy schedule allows, and upload pics of YOUR collections to the site and let's admire and discuss your gear!

Even if you don't own a single Beatle related guitar, or any guitar at all, we'd love to have you come on board and chat, and you'll find there are a few sections available on BeatleGuitar not seen on any other Beatle fan site!

For example. a section devoted to a woman I've been "in love with" for 40 years, Carly Simon.
Another example. a section devoted to ukulele players, (remember, George loved the uke, and it's been said it was one of his very favorite stringed instruments!)

And because there are so few sites on the internet safe for kids that aren't really just very juvenile, I have created a section for "Young Musicians".a section moderated by my OWN "young musician", my 10 year old son who is learning to play both the guitar and piano, (and doing VERY well, by the way!), and would be thrilled to have some of YOUR budding musicians in your family join and take part in discussing everything from their own collections to how much they hate practicing..a discussion my own son would surely enjoy! LOL! Please be assured that ONLY kids up to age 14 will be allowed to take part in that section without express permission from me, and that I will personally monitor every single post there to ensure nothing inappropriate for kids EVER gets on my board! I also have a 19 year old musician son who loves his kid brother more than life itself, and will be assisting in monitoring the board as well, so be comfortable your own family is safe on our site, but that said, please do your part in watching everything your kids do on the internet, (even BeatleGuitar), as I always do, because the protection of our children is our most sacred responsibility.

If you have any gear for sale or you're looking for your own dream guitar, please visit "The Marketplace" on BeatleGuitar, and feel free to list your items there, and of course, unlike eBay, there will NEVER be a fee to Buy, Sell, Or Trade there!

Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy email!

I would deeply appreciate it if you'd pass the word around, and help make www.beatleguitar.com a huge success!

Warmest Regards,

09-01-2008, 07:48 AM
I will join as soon as you get rid of the page-stretching images. Otherwise, looks fun.

09-03-2008, 05:56 PM
I will join as soon as you get rid of the page-stretching images. Otherwise, looks fun.

OK Jimmy...you're right...those images were really messing up the look!

It's fixed, thanks to your very good feedback!

Come back and take another look!