View Full Version : "Turnovers" Aren't Just For Breakfast, How Cool Is This 2-Sided Mando/Uke Flipper?

09-01-2011, 07:13 AM
I came across this 1920's Ukulele/Mandolin "Turnover" in a search of Elderly Instrument past sales, and this one struck me as pretty cool.


Probably felt funny to work the fingerboard with your thumb always hitting strings on the side you weren't using, but i can imagine a few places you "might" be able to thumb a note on the back fretboard while playing the front side.

.......obviously not a commercial success, but experimentation is fine also.

Wish i had seen it when it was available.....

Puts a whole new spin on player's soundport also! :D

I own a Ron Saul curly koa b&s/spruce top concert,.....love the sound and it's my go to concert. Mine is his #3
listed in my signature......

.....but during the same Elderly Instrument seach i came across another Ron Saul concert, #5,.....this one in ALL spruce,
even the neck and bridge base.

Another experimenter,....i'm liking Ron Saul more and more! (that little plucker)

Takes "round spherical objects" to make a build like that. It was listed as great sounding,.....bet it was super light also.
Have to be careful in handling it though,...spruce is pretty delicate.


....and yet another that caught my eye,....non traditional but kind of cutting edge styling!: