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09-12-2011, 05:46 PM
Quick forewarning disclaimer thing. This is a comedy song and none of it should be taken seriously. Although that was pretty obvious, maybe I shouldn't have said that. Don't read that first part... too late? oh well here are the lyrics.

Love/Hate Relationship

Every time you slam the door,

It only makes me love you more.

I donít care what people say,

I know youíll love me any day. Now

I know that they all say you hate me

But that doesnít irritate me

I know youíll just try to ignore us,

So please just listen to the chorus.


Girl you say you hate me,

And you would never date me

Even if I was the last guy in the world.

Listen, my hearts thumping,

I have to tell you something:

I can arrange that.

Verse 2:

You call me a stalker

Just cuz I hide in you locker

And listen to you talk to all your friends

But girl itís just because I love you,

I canít get enough of you,

Or enough of your stuff to put in to my shrine.

You say that you donít love me,

But let me just pretend

That you want to hear the chorus once again:


Girl you say you hate me,

And you would never date meó

( ANGRY RANT):mad:

You say I canít stalk you for much longer,

But my stalking skills have gotten much stronger.

I know everything about ya,

I got your numbers, address and you

know Jean-Claude, that Italian-French stud that speaks 5 languages that youíve been dating online for the past five months..?

Thatís me! :p

09-15-2011, 12:13 PM
Ha! Got some music for these?

09-15-2011, 02:07 PM
Ha! Got some music for these? If you mean the chords... It's C Em F and G. It's a fast Down Up Chunk Up Down Up. The chorus is broken chords for the same progression Plucking the outside strings, and alternate on 2 and 3 should work. The chorus is a guitar part that my friend plays, but if it's just you it should work. Make sure you slow down on the chorus, its supposed to sound romantically creepy. Make sure you cut off all sound before "I can arrange that" and the rant. You can improv the rant. My favorite one so far is "But I knew from the first moment I saw you and you said hi, no I said hi nut you didn't believe me, you thought I said, "I love you" so you punched me in the face" that sort of thing. And the last part, about Juan-Claude is spoken. and you end on a C with the last note. Hope this helps you sing our creepy weird song. :p