View Full Version : Transferring Guitar Chords to the Uke???

09-18-2011, 07:46 AM
While searching for songs to play on my uke in different forums and websites ive noticed a lot of people use websites like ultimate guitar to find chords for songs on the ukulele

I dont know how to transfer guitar chords to ukulele chords

could someone please help me?

09-18-2011, 07:52 AM
The chord names are the same. IOW, a C chord is a C chord no matter what instrument you're playing it on. But if there are chord diagrams for the guitar, those are pretty much useless for the uke. Just look at the chord name and find a fingering chart for it somewhere else.

09-18-2011, 07:53 AM
you dont transfer anything.
guitar chords are the same as ukulele chords. so if its a G on ultimate-guitar then its a G on the uke.
although sometimes youll have to try different versions to get the right key you want

09-18-2011, 07:54 AM
As J-Peg said, if you are looking at chord sheets, ignore the guitar diagrams and strum away. Chordie.com has a neat feature that allows you to put different instrument diagram on the chord sheets.

09-18-2011, 07:55 AM
I tell people what J-peg said,a chord is a chord,hence
a C chord is STILL a C chord,although the fingering is
a different 'shape' on a ukulele! Then,if they grasp that
I tell them that you CAN still play guitar 'shapes' on a
ukulele BUT it will be a different chord! Like our old and
trusty Bb chord on a uke,is the shape of an F chord on
a guitar....simple really!

09-18-2011, 07:57 AM
Thanks so much everyone :)

09-18-2011, 09:05 AM
Just in case you haven't seen it, if you run into any chords that aren't on a basic chord diagram - or you're just looking for a different sounding fingering of a common chord - check out the Ukelele Helper. (http://ukulelehelper.com/) Hippie Guy/Brad posted this great link recently and it's a wonderful tool.....

09-18-2011, 10:33 PM
Holy smokes, the possibilities.. what an awesome site!

09-19-2011, 04:35 AM
If your looking to have the chord diagrams on the music in ukulele, some of the online tab sites, like chordie.com, have a function (usually at the bottom) to change instrument as well as a transpose function if the key is too funky for you.

09-19-2011, 06:29 AM

Yes, to all the posts, but I should mention that guitar players frequently use a capo. If the guitar chart has a notation somewhere such as "Capo 4, Play C, Key E", you have to watch out.

A capo will transpose the actual key of a song. A guitar TAB shows C chord but the real key is E (if capo 4).

It's a little annoying from ukulele viewpoint but so convenient from guitar viewpoint.

Something to keep in the back of brain