View Full Version : Kala vs Lanikai tenor traditional shape with Eq

09-21-2011, 05:47 PM
I definitely do not like the sound of the Mi-Si pickup.
I have installed Mi-Si active pickup on my Kamaka, Koaloha and Kanilea ukes (tenor and concert), and I use an amp. Marshall AS100D, especially for string instruments, but the sound of the strings is not clear, and the balance between bass and treble does not resolve. Today I was rehearsing a song in a professional outfit, and the result was the same. I decided to use my Kamaka pineapple, with a microphone nearby, the best soluction for now.

I have friends who play with Kala active pickup, and the sound in the amp is much better. I have a Pono concert with passive pickup last month and it's better than Mi-Si (WoW, I sold my Pono last week to paid my new great Kamaka Pineapple).

Now I'm in doubt between these two. I only have $ 200 to spend, and the biggest difference is the number of adjustments in the pickup of the Lanikai model. It really is good, or Kala is still the best option?

Lanikai LU-21TE Tenor Ukulele (nato wood laminated body and metal frets) w/ Shadow JW2 Electronics

Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor (nato wood laminated body and silver nickel frets ) witth w/ Shadow NANO-FLEX Eq system