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09-21-2011, 06:14 PM
Been waiting for months for them to get back in stock. Ordered mine from JT the other day and just received the shipping notification. JT has a new website for direct sales at: http://pilikoko.com/
Will provide a review and hopefully some pictures once it arrives. (I'm still digital photo challenged as I still use a 35mm SLR)

09-21-2011, 06:26 PM
Aloha guitarsnrotts,
Congrats on the forthcoming KPK. I have a Standard Concert and a Deluxe Tenor, like them both. Got my Tenor from an ebay store, Jason was a pleasure to deal with...is HE J.T.? I bought my concert from UU member Roxhum, another great transaction. Hope you like yours as I do mine.......................BO...............

09-22-2011, 07:25 AM
Yep, I got my recently-purchased KPK Tenor from Jason, too! I made two mods to the uke since I got it: swapped out the rosewood saddle for a bone one (left the rosewood nut, though) and replaced the existing tuning machines with Grovers. I also highly recommend getting a hard foam case. The included gigbag is really flimsy.

There really is no better bang-for-the-buck than KPK's, in my opinion. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!

Also, Acacia is a BEE-YOO-TI-FUL wood:

09-22-2011, 07:53 AM
Yes, I believe JT and Jason are the same person. So far a very positive experience.