View Full Version : Forbid people from posting...

09-04-2008, 06:33 AM
...new threads to the "Ukulele Marketplace" section until they have a certain base number of posts elsewhere-- even if it's just 10 or 15.

There's been a recent infusion of accounts created just to sell ukes-- the most recent one is one that's already available on ebay. I think it'd be smart to keep the Marketplace board somewhere where people who are already part of the community to buy/sell/trade, and create and environment of trusted sellers, rather than just a wall that people can post bills and ads on who wanna sell a uke.

09-04-2008, 08:44 AM
I think any exposure for the UU is good exposure! It'd be different if it's on the uke talk board or something.

09-04-2008, 11:53 AM
lol they could just pw for about 5 minutes