View Full Version : StudioMini turns your iPhone into a 4-track recording studio for $5.99! (Orig. song)

09-24-2011, 07:29 AM
Found this great iPhone app – StudioMini – a 4-track audio recorder – for $5.99!


I got this the same time I got my new Takamine EG363SC guitar, so I recorded a rough demo of a new original song with it, just using the guitar, vocal, and one of the app’s preset drum loops.


Bear in mind, in the app there’s no effects (reverb, compression), no stereo panning, and you have to do each take as a complete pass – no punch-ins – but the resolution is pretty good, even using the iPhone’s own built-in mic.

You can create a mix on the iPhone and email it, wirelessly access it or download it via iTunes. You can also import the individual tracks into your computer’s audio software and edit/add effects to them there, as well as get adaptors to connect better mics, electric guitars/basses and audio interfaces to the iPhone.

For this demo, though, I decided to do it completely “naked” (if you know what I mean) – just using the iPhone’s mic, recording each track in one take and creating a mix on the iPhone – no post-production compression, reverb or auto-tune (gulp!) – so please excuse the roughness!