View Full Version : A whole lotta Ukulele Jamming going on at Jr. Seau's Restaurant last night.

09-04-2008, 02:29 PM
Been sitting in with the Che'lu Boys on Wednesday evenings at Jr. Seau's Restaurant in the Sushi-Bar in between my trips to Kona. It's has been awesome jamming with them. 3 ukuleles and 1 getar fill out the the restaurant rather nicely. Cannot say enough about the musicianship & professionalism of Braddahs Ben-main vocals, ukulele & guitar. TJ - vocals, getar & ukulele and Tim, (UU-cruzer75) -lead ukulele. They are 1 beeg Ohana for allowing me to sit in. Tim's solo playing has been unreal and continues to amaze me each week. Da buggah just rips it up..def watch out for this guy.

Last night some of Rick Shimada's Band sat in between sets. It was awesome to see BJ (UU-defamcallsmebj) helping them out w the jamming. Hadn't seen him since the first SD UU jam session back when. BJ is with the band "Almost Islanders", and brah was bringing the uke sound on. Holding his own, that's fo sure.

Anyway just wanted to mention if you are in town on wednesday evenings come into Seau's to eat the awesome sushi and experience some rather fine Island Style music. A lot of ukuleles, a lot of Aloha and lots of Islanders and islanders at heart from all ovah been hanging out there. Not to mention the wahines pulling out all the stops. Whooosh!

You nevah know you might run into Jr. Seau. He's made some guest appearances more then a few times since he is not re-signed by the Pats yet.

Ok see ums - haha