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09-27-2011, 02:34 PM
Help needed from all you veteran fingerpickers out there.
I'm working on my baritone fingerpicking.
After much experimenting i settled on using my thumb, index and middle finger.
Thumb - strings 3 and 4
Index - string 2
Middle - string 1
The pattern I like is 3214 starting with the thumb.
I've been using bare fingers with very short nails. I like the mellow sound and contacting the string directly. But am not attached to any one method.
My problem is getting enough volume the way I play.
Also, I find the thumb picking on string 3 is weak and not enough volume and my thumb hits and mutes string 4 sometimes when I reach in to pick string 3.

Any suggestions!

This forum is awesome, thanks so much!

09-27-2011, 02:51 PM
I use a similar fingerpicking technique that I brought from my guitar playing. A lot has to do with the angle of your hand. You may try arching your hand a bit to try a more vertical attack. A thumbpick my prove to a bit of an overkill, but for thumbpicks I prefer the Fred Kelly Slick-Pik medium polycarb.