View Full Version : Where were all the Ukulele players last week in Oahu?!...

10-01-2011, 02:06 PM
When in Waikiki last week, I was all excited to see and hear all the Ukulele performers and singers standing around and just casually strumming in Waikiki but, during our Entire 6 days there, we didn't see one Ukulele player at all anywhere!...

The day we landed, Sept 17 they had a Street Festival and closed all of Kalakaua ave. in Waikiki. There were several bands and performances but, we didn't see any Uke performances (we probably missed them if they performed late).

The other 5 days, we didn't see one Ukulele performance anywhere. We went to the Ala Moana Mall and I thought for sure we'll see something there but, other than a back up uke player in a choir, I didn't see another ukulele performance at all.

I kept my eye's peeled for any sign of a Ukulele player somewhere but, I never saw one. My friend at work went to Waikiki two weeks before and said, he saw a lot of people playing the Ukulele.

I guess they were all taking a break! :)

10-01-2011, 06:34 PM
When I was in Honolulu in April, most of the ukulele playing I saw was in hotel lounges. Also, there's a performance area in the Royal Hawaiian Center where there were nightly performances, some of which involved ukuleles. I also saw a hula performance at Waikiki Beach one evening, and ukulele players were accompanying the dancers.

I've heard that September is a slow time for tourism in Hawaii. (Apparently, air fares and hotel rates are at or near their lowest in September. Maybe the ukulele players (particularly buskers) take a break when the summer tourist season ends after Labor Day.

10-02-2011, 07:27 AM
Ah, that makes sense mds725.

It must have been just a slow week. :)