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10-02-2011, 04:17 AM
Hey, we’ve all had packages shipped that left us less than satisfied with one or more shipping companies.

Thought I would start a thread for folks to post their stories and pictures. Here is my latest experience with FedEx Ground Home.

I was expecting a uke to be delivered Friday by FedEx Ground Home (at least that was the original estimated date). But it did not show up, but later listed as "no one available/business closed". Since no signature is required how can that be? They just needed to leave the package at my door. Their system showed it scheduled for delivery on Tuesday (their Ground service is Tues-Sat). So, I had to call them several times in an attempt to get the package on Saturday (they claim driver did not know it was on his truck…really).

By 8pm Saturday, I figured FedEX was a no-show. Then FedEx sent me an email saying the package was delivered to my front door at 7:56 pm, but it wasn't there. Called their Cust Service folks and they suggested I go look at my neighbors front doors, AT NIGHT. Seemed stupid, but I went out with a flash light to look, so the uke would not sit out all night in the cold damp air. Still no package, so I filed a lost package claim with FedEx. Then the FedEx guy finally shows up about 8:25 pm with the package. I figure he must have been working "off the clock", as all deliveries are to be made by 8 pm. I give them a plus for delivering the package that day. However, FedEx policy should be to not to lie to customers, about when things are delivered. Trust is hard regain. Then to top it off the box had a big deep bash on one corner (see picture below). Lucky for me the packaging and padding were good.

This is not the first time Fed Ex Ground/Home has disappointed me. Needless to say, I am not a fan of FedEx Ground/Home. But all is well that ends well. I’ve learned something from this experience, but doubt FedEx has.

You all got any interesting shipping experiences?


10-02-2011, 08:42 AM
Too many to list. My "favorite" was probably the time I walked out my front door to find a broken open box on my front step with expensive DSLR and lenses falling out of it (about $1500 worth of equipment, if I remember correctly). The "Canon" logo and pictures of the contets of the boxes were clearly visible from the street. I'd been home all day, and the package was supposed to be signed for, but I guess "brown" didn't want me to sign for that one...