View Full Version : TORONTO UKULELE PLAYERS: Flash Mob Opportunity! October 13, Drake Underground

10-06-2011, 03:37 AM
Hello Toronto Uke Players!

On October 13 at the Drake Underground, there will be a ukulele flash mob happening and if you can play a G chord and a C chord and have a Ukulele, you are welcome and invited!

Simply show up by 10 pm and show your ukulele at the door to get in for free. The song we'll be playing is Turn to Spring:


VERSE: G | G | Cma7 | Cma7 x2
then Em7 (2 fingers! easy!) | Em7 | D7 | D7 |
CHORUS: G | Cma7

The cue to come up is when you see the hula hooper start playing her uke!

How many Ukes can fit into the Drake? :D