View Full Version : Tuner problems with Lanikai spruce-top

10-13-2011, 03:04 AM
So, there's a bit of a story here. I'm an exchange student studying in Russia, and on something of a whim I decided to buy a ukulele, even though I've hardly ever played one (violin for several years and a little mandolin). Ukuleles are not common or popular here; accordions and classical guitar are where it's at. The music store had one soprano: a Lanikai, model S-S. It seemed like a good deal and well-made, so I bought it.

I'm very happy with it, but there's something up with the tuning. The tuners are mechical, not friction (joy!), but the C string continually slides out of tune. I'd chalk this up to new strings, but the tuner is also a little wobbly and loose- when you switch directions, you have to turn it quite a ways before it grabs the lower gear and starts changing the pitch, more so than on the other tuners. When it's not up against the lower gear, you can actually wiggle the knob around a little, wheras the rest are rock solid.

I'm not sure how new the strings are- it was strung and sitting untuned on a shelf, and may have been there for a month or ten years. They're supposedly Aquillas.

It's under warranty for six months, but this being Russia, it might be a year before they actually fixed anything and got it back to me, so I'd prefer not to send it in.

I guess my question is: should I ignore it and hope it goes away, buy new strings, or call in a professional? Thanks for any advice!

10-13-2011, 04:07 AM
Are you sure the gear is slipping and not the string? If you are not sure try re-tieing the string at the tuning peg and see if it makes a difference.
If it is a defective tuner, another option would be to replace the tuners yourself so you're not with out a uke for months.

10-13-2011, 02:25 PM
make sure the gear screw is tightened sufficienly if you haven't already.