View Full Version : question about music grades on uke

10-13-2011, 02:10 PM
Ive played a bit of guitar and uke and am doing additions to do a music course in a couple of mounths where the entry requirements are that you need to be competant to play to grade 5(but you dont neccisarily need the qualification) or above on 2 instruments. Ive looked on Youtube and the grade 5 songs on guitar look not to bad to me but there seems to be nothing for uke?
Is this because there are no grades for it and I cant use it as my second instrument ? If its not Im a bit stuck because the only other instuments I can do is keeping a few simple rtyms on drums or singing to a pretty basic level. If anyone could show me a grade 5 peice on uke that would be great or if not soemone who is familiar with music grading a song that the reccon would be about grade 5 to learn