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11-03-2011, 09:58 AM
UFC 138 LEBEN vs MUNOZ Saturday November 5th LG Arena - Birmingham, England 5PM PT/8PM ET on SPIKE TV

Howzit fellow UUers!!!

Ok ... UFC 138 isn't da best fight cahd. No moa big name fightahs. We all know Chris Leben - one tough buggah with knockout powah. Mark Munoz is one hungry up and coming fightah with some mean All-American collegiate wrestling credentials to his name. Has awesome power, too! Another fightah that most of you should know is Thiago Alves. He's suffered injuries and personal issues. Don't know what kind of shape he's coming in.

The rest of the fights are relatively unknown fightahs in the UFC. Bruddah Dan (ukestah) - "Mistah Coin Tossah" ... you get your work cut out fo you, Brah!!!

Here's the Fight Card:


- Chris Leben(22-7) 5'11", 185lbs vs Mark Munoz(11-2) 6'0", 185lbs

- Brad Pickett(21-4) 5'6", 135lbs vs Renan Barao(28-1-0, 1NC) 5'6", 135lbs

- Thiago Alves(23-7) 5'9", 170lbs vs Papy Abedi(8-0) 5'11", 170lbs

- Terry Etim(14-3) 6'1", 155lbs vs Edward Faaloloto(5-2) 5'9", 155lbs

- Cyrille Diabate(18-7-3) 6'6", 205lbs vs Anthony Perosh(11-6) 6'3", 205lbs


- John Maguire(16-3) 5'9", 170lbs vs Justin Edwards(8-1) 5'10", 170lbs

- Michigiro Omigawa(12-10-1) 5'6", 145lbs vs Jason Young(8-4) 5'9", 145lbs

- Rob Broughton(15-6-1) 6'2", 265lbs vs Phil De Fries(7-0-0, 1NC) 6'5", 250lbs

- Chris Cope(5-2) 5'11", 170lbs vs Che Mills(13-4-0, 1NC) 6'1", 170lbs

- Chris Cariaso(11-3) 5'3", 135lbs vs Vaughan Lee(11-6-1) 5'5", 135lbs

Ok ... so that's da fight cahd. A lot of fightahs we don't know anything about. My one and only pick is Da Buk Buk Wrecking Machine Mark Munoz over Chris Leben. I think Munoz is much fastah, has bettah ground game, and has da powah, too! Leben is one tough buggah with knockout powah, but he's been in plenny fights and has taken a lot of punishment, too! He looks good against average fightahs and over da hill/has been fightahs, but against high level fightahs - he gets destroyed! I don't know about Thiago Alves. Hasn't been fighting much and I know that he blows up big time when not fighting. He gets up well ovah 200lbs when not training fo one upcoming fight.

Da rest of da fights I leaving up to you - "Mistah Coin Tossah" Dan (ukestah). I have no clue Brah! Now everybody else ... no shame, eh fo voice your picks and thoughts hea. Would be nice fo have more participation on these UFC Fight threads.



11-03-2011, 11:59 AM
Wow! Nevah heard of plenny of da fightahs on da fight cahd!!! I hate fo say this, but I going only make one pick, too! I'm with you Kimo - Da Buk Buk Fighting Machine Mark Munoz going destroy Chris Leben!

Bruddah Dan(ukestah) "Mistah Coin Tossah", I 2nd da motion ... with jus what Kimo said. You gotta do da coin tossing fo all da res of da fights!

11-06-2011, 07:06 AM
Ok, UFC 138 stay Pau Hana already.

Da Buk Buk Wrecking Machine Mark Munoz wen take it to Chris Leben with one unreal pace dat Leben couldn't handle. Chris Leben was sucking wind from da middle of da first round until da end of da fight!!! Da bruddah couldn't catch his breath! Munoz opened one big cut by Leben's left eye, which Leben complained dat he couldn't see out of it. If you ask me, Leben wen quit! He couldn't handle da pace and conditioning Munoz was bringing to him. Da cut wasn't right ovah Leben's left eye, it was to da side of da eye. He quit cause he was getting all bus' up and was having hahd time fo catch his breath! Good showing fo Da Buk Buk Wrecking Machine!

Fight of da Night went to Renan Barao & Brad Pickett. Damn! Was one serious slug fest right from da staht!!! Brad Pickett is no slouch. He get some mad skills - great striking abilility & ground/submission game. He's been out fo a long time with plenny injuries. But da Brazilian Renan Barao is one MEAN ASS bad ass! He's 29-1, winning 17 straight now! He trains with Jose Aldo and has da same mean ass skills! UNREAL!!!

Thiago Alves looked awesome! Considering he hasn't been very active due to injuries and personal problems. Da hyped up Papy Abedi was all confident going in to da fight but his judo skills alone not good enough fo MMA. He really needs to work on his all around game. His striking wen actually look pretty decent, but striking alone not going do it - unless you get lucky and catch your opponent. He reminds me of a smaller Sokuju. Welcome back Thiago!

Da oldest fightah on da fight cahd was Aussie Anthony Perosh, a world class grappler. Cyrille Diabate, a good stiker was lighting it up with his strikes and wen make Perosh look old and slow. Wen look like Diabate was going knock out Perosh fo shua! But da tide was slowly shifting as Perosh wen get da takedown towards da end of round 1 but he nevah really do any damage cause he hahdly wen throw any stikes and ground and pound. He was jus looking fo submissions. Den in round 2 Perosh wen get da takedown early and jus stahted showing his world class grappling and you could sense dat Diabate was in some serious trouble cause he was looking like one helpless fish out of water! Dis time, Perosh stahted using some ground and pound to soften up Diabate and wen transition from one submission attempt to another until he got da perfect one and da rest is history!

Terry Etim wasted no time in cinching in his infamous guillotine on Hawaii fightah Da Throwin' Samoan Edward Faaloloto. I hate to admit it, but Etim get some mean skills! He get good striking ability too cause he was tagging Faaloloto at will.

That's pretty much it fo da main cahd fights. There was actually some good exciting fights!

Ok ... now I noticed dat this thread had 41 views. C'mon you guys - no shame fo pahticipate, eh! No sked cause we stay using Pidgin English. We can use straight English if you stay feeling intimidated. Would be nice fo have moah Member pahticipation and feedback. Makes everything moah bettah and good fun!!!

Bruddah Dan (ukestah) "Coin Tossah Man" ... you stay excused fo not doing da coin tossing cause I jus wen remembah dat you stay in Vegas fo your friend's wedding dis weekend. Plus da fact dat you had to perform a few songs playing da uke dat your friend and da bride requested - which she really wanted fo you fo play da "Hawaiian Wedding Song" so her Mom could dance da hula to - which you weren't familiar with. You had plenny pressha but I know you you wen jam and everyting wen turn out awesome!!! Congrats to you and to your friend! Eh Brah, stay cold ovah dea, yeah??!!?!!! Hope you get plenny warm kine clothes! Good luck in Vegas - I hope you end up one winnah!!!

11-09-2011, 07:14 AM
Ok, UFC 138 stay Pau Hana already.

I agree.....Leben's eye looked fine to me....and he was huffin and puffin like an asthmatic.
Last time I saw Munoz fight his arms were as big as most guys legs. Not so much this time though. Has he dropped weight?

11-09-2011, 07:37 AM
I agree.....Leben's eye looked fine to me....and he was huffin and puffin like an asthmatic.
Last time I saw Munoz fight his arms were as big as most guys legs. Not so much this time though. Has he dropped weight?

Howzit v30!

Mahalo for posting Brah! The conditioning and pace of Munoz was too much for Leben! You're right about Leben, he was totally out of breath like an asthmatic and the cut was towards the side of his left eye ... not right over the eye. You could tell by the expression on his face ... he was bewildered by the conditioning and pace of Munoz, plus the fact that Munoz was taking it to him and having his way. To me, it looked like Leben was demoralized and plain outright quit! Very disappointing!

Yeah, Munoz started out fighting MMA at 205lbs his first few fights. He got knocked out cold by a head kick courtesy of Matt Hamill, the deaf participant of the third season of the Ultimate Fighter - who by the way is a 3 time NCAA Division III National wrestling champion, Silver Medalist in Greco Roman wrestling, and a Gold Medalist in freestyle wrestling from the 2001 Summer Deaflympics . The 205lb weight class has a lot of tough and bigger fighters, so I think Munoz decided 185lbs would be better for him. I do think that he's not ready to challenge Anderson Silva for the title - it's too premature. He needs a few more fights against top ranked fighters first before even thinking about Silva.