View Full Version : Dealin' By The Lamp Post

11-10-2011, 12:04 AM
Apologies in advance to George Formby 'purists' - contains scenes of graphic spoofery which some of you will pull yer faces at.

I enjoy doing Mr. Formby's stuff on Uke and Uke Banjo - and seeing that George is from my own town, I've already got an advantage having the same accent.

Anyhoo, I also do spoof stuff under the name "Wigan George", including cover versions, also reworkings of George's original tunes, such as
"With My AK-47 in my hand"

Anyhow, this is my latest.


I'm leaning on a lamp
Maybe you think that I'm a pimp
Or you may think I'm hanging round to jack your wheels
But no, I'm selling rocks
So keep an eye out for the cops
And I'll sort you out with a fantastic deal!

I'm dealing by the lamp post at the corner of the street
In case a certain little crack ho walks by
Oh me, oh my
I'm stood here all pimped up and looking fly
I'm not worried about what I might catch
Because she's my own little bee-atch
Together we both are a good match
She won't give me the clap, she's not a girl like that
She's always clean and with her johns
She's mean and makes them wear condoms
So that is why I'm acting so fly
I'm chillin' by the lamp post at the corner of the street
In case my freebase lovin' baby comes by.*