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11-10-2011, 12:52 PM
Hellooo everyone,

So last night at around 9:00 I decided I wanted to write and record a song on the ukulele. 45 minutes and 2 beers later this is what I had accomplished writing wise. I may or may not go back and change things. Part of me wants to and part of me feels like what's done is done and I don't want to touch it. The lyrics were just what I said when I was singing, no actual writing of those. They ended up being super sappy but hey, oh well.

So then I figured I'd be able to finish recording it by around 11:00. Obviously I was done at 12:30 (atleast the time helped me with some musical decisions, I was going to do some other things and clean some things up but it was late) I didn't have my camera then so I just put some pictures of my uke in the video, as well as a video I took in the car today (as I found that camera today). Also I was testing out camera apps on my phone, which is why the pictures of the Ohana are all... like they are.

Then because I found the camera I felt obligated to take a video, so I did a cover of the Little Joy song Unattainable. It really is a perfect uke song. I changed the key a bit to make it easier to play/sing as I've been sick for the past week and didn't want that to show too much:)

Well anyways, here they are!

Mike Ludwig - Crazy


Little Joy - Unattainable (cover)