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11-28-2011, 04:40 AM
Just ordered my first Ukulele i went for a Kala exotic Mahogany Concert from listening to Youtube and reviews plus a good price i hope i have made the right choice , i had to order online as i don't live near a store but they are going to check it before delivery so wish me luck .

I would like some advice , I am naturally left handed but learnt to play the guitar right handed i don't have trouble learning chords but my strumming is always a problem , i tried to learn the Gypsy Jazz style of rhythm but got frustrated when i met up with friends and was told "you don't play it as it should be played" consequently i got disheartened and stopped playing , till i found the Ukulele posts on You tube and thought i would have a go , i live in Southern Spain so like minded players are going to be at a premium so i will be learning from You tube and what i can download .

One of my bad habits is because i don't have anybody to practice with i start to learn a song then get bored and move on to something else and never seem to learn a song right through , if you can give me some good tips on learning the right way .
I was trying to keep it short sorry

Pete Beardsley
11-28-2011, 05:01 AM
First off, welcome to the madness!

I would say play right or left handed, whatever you are most comfortable with. Standard Ukes can be re-strung for lefties and chord patterns can be easily dapted too. You may start to have issues if you want a cutaway Uke, but otherwise I don't see a problem. Kala is a well respected budget brand, so I am sure you won't be disappointed, especially if the shop are setting it up for you.

I had the same problem with learning new songs and getting bored before I had perfected them, until I got my neighbour interested. As you say, having a practice partner helps a lot. Ask around and see if there is a local club where you can meet like minded people, otherwise, set up a YouTube account so you can post your progress and gain some inspiration that way.

11-28-2011, 09:00 PM
Welcome! :) I say play the way that feels most natural.

See: http://ukulefty.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/left-handed-ukulele-tips-01/

I flip and restring my ukes to play left handed as that was what felt most natural to me. If you can get away without restringing (either playing right handed, or left handed and reversing the chord shapes) then it opens up the advantage of being able to pick up and play any uke.