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12-06-2011, 07:17 AM
In George Formby playing, which one should I get for my birthday?
The Grafton UB2
This banjo is assembled in the UK from well-designed imported parts - now a blend of the classic Dallas "A" and Gibson UB2 designs. It has an 8” x ½” stained maple rim with an archtop tone ring and chrome-plated metalwork - 16 tension brackets and an Elton tailpiece. The plating is very well done. Fitted with a Remo head. The neck is quite shallow with a 37mm wide bound stained rosewood fingerboard. Unlike most "budget" uke banjos, it has no volute on the back to get in the way of fingerboard chords in first position. The scale length is 13 ¾” with 15 frets. It has fine fretting which is nicely done and very smooth. The action is set-up "Formby" style but can be adjusted as required. The fit of the neck is superior to most other ukes at this kind of price as the machining is done here in our workshop. Fitted with new “vintage-style” tuners. The neck is finished in clear lacquer which matches the body & resonator beautifully - the finish is very good. Overall, this is a nice little uke banjo. It has a bright, full tone and is suitable for both “C” & “D” tunings. A solid little banjo which plays well and sounds much louder than you’d expect. It would suit a beginner or intermediate player very well.

This year's model has a smaller peghead and heel (reducing the overall weight) and an improved fingerboard.


The DUB-5 Heartwood
A Gibson style Ukulele Banjo with resonator,
High quality construction with plated rim and brackets,
Detachable inlaid resonator,
Bound finger board with position markers,
Inlaid head stock,
Fitted with high quality machine heads,
And 8" Remo head


The Ozark
A popular, affordable choice for multi-instrumentalists looking to experiment with alternatives in the Banjo family, the Ozark 2037 4-String Ukulele-Banjo offers tremendous Ozark Banjo features within the body of the instrument, led up to the Headstock by a short-scale 350mm Neck to four high-quality machine heads.

High quality care & detail throughout the entire construction helps compliment the Banjo Head, producing a rich, resonant response, whilst the wide, short-scale fretboard allows simple & easy playability.

With every detail of this great instrument finished precisely to the inch, the Ozark 2037 is a hugely popular, affordable choice.

Short-scale 4-String Ukulele-Banjo model
Plated Shell + 17 Brackets
Double Co-ordinator rods
Detachable Inlaid Resonator
Inlaid Headstock
Bound fingerboard with inlay markers
8" Head
Scale Length: 350mm

03-06-2012, 11:09 AM
Hi - I just ordered an ozark 2037 from eagle music. it came set up (but you need to set the bridge) and sounds good. it is very playable and came with a hard case. it also has plenary tuners. for the price i would recommend this banjolele

07-28-2013, 05:10 AM
The Ozark 2037 and the Heartwood DUB-5 are just re-releases of the Dae Won Rally DUB-5, so essentially the same. I would look around on ebay for good deals. I bought an Ozark and it is brilliant. I haven't tried the Grafton so can't give an opinion on that...

07-28-2013, 05:19 AM
I would go with the Heartwood. It's the same as the Ozark, but I just like the look better. The Grafton doesn't appeal to me.