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12-06-2011, 07:10 AM
Hello all...I recently have been tasked with selling a Gretsch 6930 Standard Ukulele that belonged to my wife's aunt. Being I know absolutely nothing about ukulele's and finding very little information on this particular ukulele on the internet, I found this forum.

The ukulele is in its original box and appears to be in excellent condition other than a very faint split in the wood on the back. Also in the box are three music books, they are;
1. The new "At-A-Glance" Illustrated Self Instructor Ukulele, by Wm.
J.Smith Music Co. Inc., New York, Copyright 1937

2. Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards) Collection for the Ukulele, Copyright 1949.

3. May Singhi Breen (the ukulele lady) "New Ukulele Method" for
beginners and advanced students, Copyright 1950

I'm really interested in knowing what year this Gretsch ukulele was made and what it's current resale value is, and other than Ebay where is the best place to sell it?

I've included photos.

Thanks in advance
David Falkenberg

12-06-2011, 07:22 AM
Hi Dave,
Welcome to Ukulele Underground. Glad you stopped in, people here are really kind and helpful. I am a vintage ukulele nut and I'll tell you what I can (which won't be much!).

First, that is a nice vintage uke, and your best bet is to play it! However, I do realize that there may be some people in the world who do not play ukulele so with that aside.....you have a basic, solid mahogany Gretsch uke. These are known as good players and to be well built. They are pretty much impossible to date unless there is a stamp inside the soundhole. Look inside the uke for any markings. Sometimes they are found on the neck block (inside the uke under the neck).

From looking at it, it looks like a 1950's uke given the white tuner buttons.....give or take ten years.

As far as value, they do come up a lot on eBay, even sometimes with a box like yours. That back crack doesn't look real bad. The vintage uke market is not extremely high right now, and I have seen these go in the 200 dollar range. I'd like to find one like yours, so if you are selling I might be interested.

Looks in excellent condition, which is really nice. Should sound and play great. If I were you, I would post it for sale on this website in the "Marketplace" forum. There are some posting rules at the top in a sticky, but they are easy to follow. Lots of vintage uke collectors/players here so I am sure you will get a fair deal from a UU member.

Finally, I would suggest you play it!! Sorry I can't tell you more, perhaps another UU'er will know more about the age.

12-06-2011, 11:34 AM
Ryan, thanks for the information!!

12-06-2011, 01:06 PM
I also think it's from the 1950s. Ryan's offer, if it is indeed an offer, is quite fair. I'd be selling it to him if I were you.

12-06-2011, 01:19 PM
Ryan are you interested in buying the uke? if so would you also be interested in the music books?

Email me if you want more photos

David Falkenberg