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12-16-2011, 05:07 AM
I promise, we aren't all that pitiful. But, it's always good to get good JuJu.. hahhah..

I asked for prayer for myself the other day, and much appreciated for all the good thoughts from the group.

But this time, I also would like to ask the same for my daughter Casey. Guitar and singing is one of her passions, but she has several just like her old man. Another of her passions is sports. She is a little thang, but huge in heart, and is quite the little athlete. She has participated in many sports since she was 5 years old. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, and others. Her most favorite to participate in is Basketball. She is in her 9th Basketball season this year, but took a knee injury during her last volleyball season. She got better, but never came back 100% before basketball started this year. She puts it all on the court, and ended up re-injuring her knee again. She was devastated that she was on the sidelines in her last game over it, to the point of tears. She is to have an MRI today that will tell us allot. She is scared to death as to what they might find. Please send her some good JuJu for peace of mind, that whatever the deal is, it can be fixed so she can continue her althletic passions..

Thanks again, and God Bless..


12-16-2011, 07:30 AM
Well, my baby is out of the MRI. She was relieved that it was not the big one she would have had to go all the way in the tube. They had one she only had to put her leg in. She was kind of freaked out that she might have to go inside "the tube". So, she started out feeling better. Now we'll have to wait for the doctor to look at the pictures...

12-16-2011, 07:52 AM
Hopefully nothing serious but a slight tweek. She has youth on her side which is good. Fingers crossed for good news here...

12-16-2011, 08:00 AM
We're counting on it. She's still got a long career to go. She is playing JV (starter) & Varsity (back up) and she is only a freshman in high school. So, we would hate for her to have issues this young. What is kind of cool is she is so small (5'5" @ 109 Lbs) but very good, especially on defense. She is like a freaking spider monkey, lol.. Her coach to me a couple weeks ago that a college scout asked about her (he didn't tell me what school), but he had to tell him she was only a freshman so she has a few years of HS before they can look at her seriously for scholarship material. But, he also told me the college guy was impressed with her playing especially as small as she is, and made comment "she's one to keep an eye on.. ".. I'm afraid that is putting too much pressure on her tho, because she puts plenty pressure on herself for her own standards of play, she really don't need to be worrying about impressing scouts at her age yet.. But, from a dad's perspective, cool to hear she has been noticed already..


12-16-2011, 08:05 AM
My thoughts and prayers go out to Casey. Injuries are always scary, but medicine can do so much to rebuild people these days that I'm hopeful that, with youth on her side, Casey will be able to get her knee all the way back to its pre-injury status and she'll be able to play basketball and volleyball again. As someone who's had my share of sports-related injuries (including a cracked fibula from a batted softball -- so much for being a softball pitcher! -- that missed my kneecap by less than an inch) I can't emphasize enough the value of post-injury rehab exercises. However serious her knee injury is, I hope she doesn't get discouraged and that she commits herself to a complete recovery and is willing to work hard to get there. Please keep us posted.

12-16-2011, 08:08 AM
Sending prayers for Casey -- that the healing be complete and that the best path ahead be made clear for her!
She has a loving dad on her side, so she can't lose.

12-16-2011, 08:28 AM
sorry to hear about your young'un. i'm sure she'll bounce.
i should start by saying i live in a ski town, so every other person i know has blown out at least one of their knees. every one of them told me "when you do yours, you'll know it." end of october it was my turn. i did the 'trifecta of sadness', mcl, acl, meniscus at hockey and i knew it as soon as it happened. felt a rip, tear, pop, kindof inside my head, went into shock a bit, and was like "this is very bad". the MRI told me what i pretty much already knew. i opted to go conservative, no surgery, heal up the inside ligament nice and tight, and fingers crossed on the acl. the mri showed a complete acl tear, but the push/pull/side to side tests the doctor did told him that at least a strand or (hopefully) several strands of the acl remained and the rest of it, the big black rubberband looking thing was "perfectly positioned to heal on it own, if that were to happen."(dr. dave's words) the meniscus was partial as well, but that won't heal on it's own apparently.
the doctor did tell me "if you were a young, say, scholarship athlete, we'd wheel you in for surgery this afternoon, but you're older (thanks) and if you can temper your activity level, maybe we can heal it to a point where you feel comfortable" whatever that means.
i know have a knee brace that looks like it's from the future named "forest gump"

i hope hers is much less serious. any rehab questions hit me up. if you don't have one, look into the circulating icers - they are an anti-inflamatory miracle.

prayers for you and your daughter. merry christmas. jc

12-16-2011, 09:14 AM
Thanks again..What worries me, is the same thing happened to two of my sons. Both of them blew out ACLs and kept playing on them masking their pain. The bitter/sweet thing is all my kids, including my daughter all have the same very high pain tollerence as I do, which is good to push through sometimes, but not good when they suck up an injury and keep going and make it worse.. My daughter has even a higher pain tollerence than my sons do, and she will play until her legs fall off. The only reason she was put out the last game was because I tipped her coach off on our history of working through injuries, and he watched her and noticed she was trying to hide it. So, he took her out and told her to sit her butt down untill we fix it, or rule out a serios issue.. Im just glad she has a good coach that will keep an eye on her..