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09-22-2008, 11:52 PM
Hello now i buy some strings and go to test it...

my default strings was Ko olau all plain High G strings..
Then if you wanna take this as my experience, people opinion can be differnt. This is only my feeling. All string been tested on Pono Tenor PKTE1

Ko olau Gold Tenor All Plain High G
This string are high tension and have great smooth and clear surface.
They have good tone in higer positions. great for picking but struming with it is little bit hards sounding. They have excelent lifetime.

Result: Great picking strings ..

Kala Red Tenor all nylon Wound CE strings High G

This is real nice strings set, i be little bit confused by collors, but whatever [ violet and red ]... This strings have wounded CE strings, but its not metal wounded but wounded nylon.. This strings looking realy nice, the tension on this strings is very low, then struming hawaian melodies on this set of strings is realy nice.. They sounded with sweet flavor and fun.. for picking r good, but i prefer little bit tension more.. One thing what i don't have like is the sound when the finger moving over the wounded string..

Results: Very interestedly looking strings, great for struming..
Ps.: asfer few days i must remove they out, this strings r good, but very soft.. I love hard strum and with this strings i have feeleing i cuting strings..

Next on turn Aquilas

Please don't spam this topic. only post your experience... I add next strings after changing..

09-25-2008, 09:07 AM
Great idea for a post... even though your ears may differ.... here is my input.

On my Flea.
I have tried several different strings Ko' Gold's, D'Addario's J65's and J53's and right now the Aquilla's. (These are the only brands my Uke shop carries)
My Flea is the long neck so I have been using concert strings.

Gold's sounded kind of dull.
I liked the J65's kinda bluesy sounding.
The J53's sounded Like the stock strings but alittle better.

Right now I am sold on the Aquilla's very full and rounded sound from them, funny cuz I cant stand them on my Kala KA-s at all.

09-25-2008, 09:49 AM
I've got some Ko'olau gold all plane tenor strings, and I really enjoy the fullness of the tune, however these strings are much thicker than the black Hilo strings I had on before so I some times get a little buzzing out of the first three frets of my c string :(.

09-25-2008, 12:47 PM
Original Srings Black Nylon- I have a concert solid mahogany uke, which came with original black nylon strings. Sounded as dull as dishwater so I changed them to...

Aquilla's. Love the change straight up! very bright sound, big attack. String tension was harder but strings felt easy to play, innotation on the notes was good. A definite improvement on the uke sound. The feel of Aquilas is unusual like they have grooves in them or something. Stumming is good with Aquilla's but picking could be at times a little awkward, like your fingers stick to the strings.

Worths - Changed recently to worth clear lights. Been on for a couple of weeks now and I'm slowly getting more used to them. The tension is very relaxed, they are super smooth and easy to play. Excellent for playing fast runs and making quick chord changes. I think I prefer the sound of the notes with Worths I think perhaps although they are not as loud as the Aquillas and as bright with a big attack. The sustain on the notes is better. The playability of the string is definitely something I like, just not too sure if the tension is what I am after. But I'm enjoying them.