View Full Version : Selling a Tascam Digital 8 Track DP-008

12-27-2011, 04:46 PM
Any member interested in getting a nice Tascam DP-008 digital 8 track multitrack, I got a pretty good deal on one. $160 total with shipping to anywhere in the lower 48. Great way to get your musical ideas down or even do the tracks for a demo.

I got it listed up on my local craigslist at:


so that you can look at the pics and details, but just PM me here if you want it. It is in perfect condition, sounds good and is complete in box. I cannot find the owner's manual, but they are easily downloaded for free off the Tascam site. I do have the 2 Gig SD card and USB cable for it, and, like I said, it is super clean. Discount price on these is around $249, so I think the $160 is a fair price. Could not have more than six hours time on it through my own use, and I'm estimating high there, so this is about as pristine a used one as you will find.

Thanks in advance for your interest,