View Full Version : Dream a little dream of me

12-28-2011, 03:57 AM
Everybody knows that Sherlock Holmes played the violin, but it is not so well
known that Professor James Moriarty (arch villain and criminal mastermind)
played the ukulele. It is a long story how this came about... suffice it to say
that Holmes and Moriarty were vying for the affection of that femme fatale
Mata Hari who was an exotic dancer, and Holmes tried to woo her with an
impassioned rendition of the moonlight sonata. Moriarty took the simple
and more direct route of playing "dream a little dream" to her on ukulele
and won her heart. And thus was formed an alliance that was to be the
bane of Holmes' life until he died.

Moral of the story: Bad boys who play the ukulele get the girls.
(Rare footage of Moriarty practicing the song)