View Full Version : just joined uu+ -- so what's the best stuff to do with it?

12-31-2011, 05:30 AM
hey uu-universe!

i just joined uu+ and have been looking around at some of the stuff that i think is just for uu+.

y'know how after a year or so of being on the uu forums that you've learned lots of tips and tricks that make your life easier on there that you wish you had known at the start? well, i'm looking for a bit of that help now.

so if you've had or have a uu+ membership, what is the cool stuff that you can do? what features to you really use the most, enjoy the most, use the least, etc.?


12-31-2011, 06:28 AM
Go through everything little by little. I even got something out of the lower (101-102) classes. Some of the seminars are worth watching too.

I'm just waiting for all this new stuff they keep promising. There's supposed to be something with Imua Garza (Opihi Pickers) that I'm dying to see.

01-01-2012, 08:37 AM
any other uu+ members out there? what stuff do you really like the best on uu+?