View Full Version : the Cure for Insomnia...

01-06-2012, 08:49 AM
...is at hand!

Here's my latest post on Stromberg-Voisinet banjo ukuleles; this post on the Style 2.


I won't be upset if you don't thank me, because I will know that you are asleep, and I will be happy in the knowledge that I have done my job. :)

01-06-2012, 09:04 AM
Man, this kind of stuff keeps me awake. Fact is, I'll get myself a beer. It's Friday night, and I don't have a gig. Cheers!

01-06-2012, 10:24 AM
I quite enjoyed it!

01-06-2012, 12:02 PM
Tor and Ryan,

You guys are kind to indulge my OCD.

Actually, Friday night and beer sounds good. I think I'm going to go ahead to do the same thing, Tor. :)