View Full Version : Electric Lap Steel Uke Mod!

01-15-2012, 08:07 PM
So after buying a nice Jupiter Creek electric soprano, my Epiphone Mandobird became a bit.. obsolete in the collection.

The narrower neck and string spacing makes it a bit less practical as an electric uke.

So I decided to attempt to convert to a Slide ukulele.

All I needed to buy was a cheap metal nut-heightening thing that converts guitars into slide guitars, and a nice lap steel slide.

In a matter of minutes, I was playing slide! (although playing poorly, since this is my first time playing a slide instrument).

I tuned it GCEC, which is basically the basic C chord, so I can slide up and down major chords.

See it here:



Hear it here (although I sound quite bad due to inexperience)