View Full Version : French International Ukulele Festival - June 2012

01-21-2012, 09:44 PM
Hello everyone,

We're organizing the second edition of the FIUL (Festival International de UkulÚlÚ de Lerrain), June 22nd-24th 2012. Lerrain is a small village of about 500 souls, located in the Vosges region (north-eastern France), famous for its stunning natural environment (mountains, pine forests, lakes and valleys) as well as its picturesque villages (churches, abbeys, castles)... the perfect place for this French ukulele Woodstock, inspired by Mainland (http://www.mainlandukuleles.com) Mike & Tookta's UWC (http://ukuleleworldcongress.wordpress.com)!

Last year we welcomed a little more than 40 ukulele players from around the world (USA, UK, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and of course France) to play on the open mic stage and jam together. We also recorded a 16 track CD. The FIUL is a fully free event, sponsored by ukulele brands such as Mainland Ukes (http://www.mainlandukuleles.com) (Indiana-USA), kamoaukulelecompany.com (Hawaii-USA), MahiMahi Ukes (http://www.mahimahiukulele.com) (Italy), Aquila Strings (http://www.aquilacorde.com) (Italy), Savarez Strings (http://www.savarez.fr) (France), musical instrument stores, councils and local businesses. The event was a real success with about 3000 people attending during the week-end and we got an unexpected media coverage with reports on both national and regional TV channels and newspapers. Check out our website, www.fiul.fr (http://www.fiul.fr), for more info (pictures, videos, mp3s, etc).

If you're interested in joining us register thru our website's contact form (http://http://fiul.weebly.com/contact-en-anglais.html), or directly on festival.ukulele@gmail.com.

We hope to see you there!