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Ed Gilkison
02-02-2012, 05:01 PM
Hi Guys!
I posted today in the UU marketplace that Dan & May Wilson (AllStar Guitar) in Gig Harbor, have taken on the ukes I got in for my uke shop, and have added them to their own inventory.
Had a few private messages about what was going on, so wanted to post here -
I had plans of opening up a specialist uke store here at my house along side of my specialist Velocette motorcycle restoration shop. Having collected ukes for about five years, and contacted some suppliers -
but - in the end, I realized that I didn't really want to ruin another 'hobby' by making a business out of it. I talked to several dealers - and they all said the same thing - it is a lot of work and they had little time to actually play the instruments. And - most started the same - with a 'hobby' gone insane!
I personally value my love of music and the enjoyment of playing (and learning to play better) far more then any monetary income I might gain with a shop.
What are my 'keepers'? Well quite a few actually!
3 Makapili ( two pineapple Concerts and 1 Baritone), my #2 Bluefrog,
2 Oceana ( Concert and a Tenor) a Phil Collins Koa Concert, 2 Mainland Mango Concerts, 2 Risa Soprano 'sticks', a couple of Northerns, a Tacoma mandolin, and a custom Brent McElroy MAC5 six string guitar. and a few others-
- and I got Dan - the owner of AllStar Guitar to give me ukulele, Guitar and 'strings' lessons for life. Even with UU - I find I still need one-on-one lessons to make progress with my skill level -
Thanks again everyone for your interest-
Best Wishes -