View Full Version : FS: Kala KM-KT + new Hard Case

02-05-2012, 12:56 PM
Hello UUkers,

I am making the switch to soprano after a year or two of tenor playing. My main instrument is still guitar, so I am not quite as attached to my ukuleles (yet), and am thinning the collection to make room for a new soprano.

Offered here is my Kala KM-KT purchased from musicguymic a few years ago. It is in excellent condition and comes in a hard case. There are a few tiny scratches as with any uke that has been played, but overall this is a clean instrument that has been well cared for by a musician.

It has a very bright, plucky tone, and although I have others, this is the one my wife thinks has the best sound. (Eventually I will sell them both.) It has a very good *chunk* sound, more so than my more expensive uke.

This is a good ukulele for the money. When I bought it from MGM, he went through all the options with me and finally recommended this one. I have compared this to other Kala Tenors, and I must say that this one is a standout.

Offered with brand new hardshell case for $205 shipped CONUS.
Paypal or cleared check...