View Full Version : Uke repair questions...

02-19-2012, 06:41 AM
So I have my custom Kanile'a 8 string tenor being built right now and should be completed sometime in June, but i have my 12 year old double hole all koa Mele 8 string that has some significant wear and tear on it (the party uke).

Besides the usual scratches and wear to the overall finish, there are two small cracks on the soundboard that start at the edge of the of the soundholes, and one of the internal braces on the back board has split and is pulling away from it. The intonation seems muffled but overall everything else seems pretty solid.

Should i put a few hundred dollars into it to get it fixed up? I was also thinking if it's worth to put money into it should I get a Mi-si pick up added to it. Would like one uke to amplify, maybe just get a 8 string Lanikai with pickup.

Any thoughts?