View Full Version : Kala Sunburst Archtop and Ohana CK50 GS

02-23-2012, 07:05 AM
This is kind of tough....selling 2 of my ukes..
One is the VERY hard to find (and if you could find one, it probably won't be setup as perfectly as this one!)
Kala Tobacco Sunburst Archtop...I was lucky enough to get one a couple of months ago..it has about 37 minutes on it..and best of all (and I'm serious), it was setup by Music Guy Mike! (I LOVE MGM! Does an amazing job and is really a nice guy)...anyway, it's perfect, selling with canvas/foam case..I paid about $360 setup and shipped with the case...looking for $275 obo plus shipping.

The second beauty, is my Ohana CK-50GS, with Gotoh friction tuners- this one has about 3 hours on it. This is a gorgeous instrument. Red cedar top with rosewood back and sides-ALL SOLID...very light.
Looking for $200 plus shipping. I can include a canvas/foam tenor case; it will fit securely because the case has velcro tie downs that keep the uke perfectly snug-just looks a little funny when you open the case and see the uke in a too big case.

I"m selling my 3 best ukes (sold my Islander MSC-4 yesterday) because I need the $ :(34174