View Full Version : Oscar Schmidts and String Spacing

03-02-2012, 04:11 PM
I've been playing mu OU7T a lot lately and I really like the string spacing. The spacing is in between a Lanikai/Kala and an Islander. it really is just perfect for me since I do more fingerstyle playing.

I'm curious to other Oscar Schmidt players do all of their ukes have roughly the same spacing? (except for the advertised 'wide' models of course)

Also one thing I've noticed is that you can't trust nut width measurements. The Oscar Schmidt strings widen out to the bridge so that they end are a good bit wider but near the nut they're closer but still a little wider at the nut than the kala/lankikai models.


03-02-2012, 05:24 PM
I spoke with Tom Ferrone at Oscar Schmidt, just this week. He is a terrific representative, by the way. He had an ukulele I wanted to try sent out to a nearby store and arranged his schedule to try and meet me there. He was telling me that the string spacing on the Oscars is wider than the typical ukuleles. I think he meant all models.

I did like every Oscar I tried. Fantastic values, every one of them.