View Full Version : And some businesses wonder why they fail...

03-07-2012, 12:39 PM
There was a thread on the subject of customer service, or lack thereof, a while back but I couldn't find it.

Anyway, today I wanted to pick up a USB audio interface, boom stand, and a harp rack. I hate going all the way to Guitar Center (especially in afternoon traffic) so I was going to throw my business to a locally owned music store about 3 miles away. This is not a small store, BTW, it's a fairly large piano and music store. They don't have a great selection of any one thing (aside from pianos and keyboards) but they have a little of everything.

I don't usually go there for major purchases because they tend to charge full retail and not haggle, but I figured I'd not be spending more than three hundred bucks even at list and the convenience was worth it.

Except, when I walked in the Pro Audio room was locked, lights off, and a cardboard display stand was in front of the door. One of the salesman asked if he could help and I explained what I wanted. "Oh, our pro audio guy had to step next door for a minute, he'll be right back."

"I know exactly what I want, can't someone else hand it to me?"

"He'll be right back."

Well, I hung around about five minutes but I'm thinking, "the guy steps next door and for this they turn off the lights, lock the door, and put a display in front of it???"

So, I made the dismal drive to Guitar Center and got everything I needed for 25% less anyway. And you can bet that the owners of that store grumble that Guitar Center is "stealing all their business..." :rollseyes: