View Full Version : Help Identifying 20s Banjolele

03-11-2012, 08:10 AM
Hello all!

New to the forums as a poster, long time lurker. From a little antique shop in the desert my parents picked up for me this little banjolele which belonged to Billy Brown, of Chicago's Bill Brown and his Brownies. It's signed all over by bill and others, but noted as a 1926 "Brownie" prominently on the front and center. The label has come off the headstock, just a little residue left over, and I wondered if anyone could help me identify it? It's sturdy, well-built, but the gentlemen at my local uke dealers had no idea who made it. There's no visible serial number or anything else I can find, save for a half dozen collegiate and pennant markings from illinois universities =). I can find plenty on the band, but not on the piece itself and wondered if anyone here could tell me?