View Full Version : A Man Is in Love / Kaliope House (a Waterboys cover)

03-16-2012, 04:23 PM

For the last week of the Six Seasons of the Ukulele contest, the challenge was to do a Celtic song or song by an Irish, Scottish, or Welsh band. I wanted to try playing a little bit of a jig or reel, so I chose this song by the Waterboys that they ended with a short jig called "Kaliope House". A Google search helped me find sheet music for it:


I spent a couple of hours transposing it from D into the F that the main song was in, then practiced it for a couple of evenings. This is the 9th take of the 12 I did one evening. (The 8th was the best, but the camera's memory card got filled 20 seconds before the end.) I was going to keep trying all week for a perfect take, but real world events precluded that.

I'm posting this on the Video board because I want you to know that it is possible to play jigs and reels on a ukulele. While I didn't get a perfect take done, this was three days from looking up the song to doing the video. With a longer time to practice, I could do better. And if I can do it, a lot of you can too.